grow in christ

Spiritual Growth does not happen consistently unless we are INTENTIONAL about it.
If you PLAN TO GROW, you are more likely to grow.

Our purpose in life is to KNOW God, living in a real relationship with Him, loving Him, and giving Him glory; to BE transformed into the image of Christ, becoming the people we were created to be; and to DO what God put us on earth to do, making a lasting difference with our lives.

Wondering how you can know God or where to begin? Read your Bible daily and spend time with God in prayer. Spending time with God is the best way to get to know Him. Commit to attend worship services regularly. Transformation in life happens through the COMMITMENTS we make and the HABITS we establish. It’s also important for your spiritual growth to join a small group and serve with others in ministry. We are called to live in community, build each other up, and serve one another in love.



We believe that reading your Bible is one way to help further your relationship with God. The more time you spend in His word — the TRUTH — the better you will be able to tune into the direction God is trying to lead you. Make a commitment to spend time in the Word daily. There are many different types of Bible reading plans available online — click here for YouVersion. Below are some examples and a Bible reading chart that you might find helpful.


If you’ve recently made a decision to follow Christ and need someone to talk to or help walk you through your commitment, contact us at