“You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure.
‘For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.’” 2 Corinthians 9:7

Jesus is the most generous person who ever lived. He gave His life so that we might live. As Christians, we JOYFULLY give our time, talent, and money in response to Jesus' generosity and to help more people meet Him. Jesus endorsed tithing, and as His people we follow His example.

If you would like to know how you can give of your TIME or ABILITIES, please email or call (334) 702-6555 x231.

If you would like to support Harvest Church financially, here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Submit a contribution on this page through easyTithe. We have partnered with easyTithe to provide an easy, secure way to give. When you click the button below, you will be directed to our online payment page. Click “SIGN IN” to set up an account, or click “GIVE NOW” to simply do just that.

  2. Set up a contribution payment through your bank’s online banking.

  3. If you have our Harvest Church app on your smart phone, you may submit a contribution there. Click on “More” and then “Give”. This directs you to our Online Giving page.

  4. There is a “TEXT TO GIVE” option available. Simply text an amount to (334) 239-4844 to get started.


Please contact if you have any questions.