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Surrender & Receive Prayer Model
(from Harvest Church Discipleship Phase I)

Guide for One Hour with God

Developing a relationship means spending time together. And the wonderful thing is, THE LORD wants to spend time with you! Doesn’t that sound exciting?! Set aside time in your schedule and use it for what matters most. This can be a revolutionary experience in your life!

Find a good place to meet. Many people like being outside if the weather is nice — park, schoolyard, backyard, church grounds, etc.  Inside or outside, any place where you can be alone with the Lord is fine. Turn your phone off and try to eliminate all interruptions.

Prayer Model 2 – Surrender & Receive

  1. Confession and Surrender. 
    Turn your palms down — ready to drop what you are holding onto.
    • Confess any wrong actions or attitudes you have had this week.
    • Surrender any sin, worries, cares, concerns, fears.
    • Surrender your possessions, finances, relationships, past, future.
    • Surrender your responsibilities - Jesus gave us one responsibility: 
      To seek His kingdom and His righteousness.  (Matthew 6:33) 
    • Continue turning over other parts of your life to the Lord.
  1. Receive.    

       Turn your palms up — ready to receive from your Father.

Say to the Lord:

  • I receive your forgiveness and cleansing. 
  • I receive your peace, love, joy, patience, self-control.
  • I receive your strength, your power and the victory you have given me over sin. 
  • I receive your provision for all my needs and responsibilities.
  • I receive your material and relationship blessings.
  • I receive your Holy Spirit to live in me.
  • I accept your pleasure in me as your child.
  • Be still and receive:
    • His promises.
    • The fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) = His way of relating.
    • The mind of Christ (Eph. 4:23) = His way of thinking.
    • The attitudes of Christ (Phil. 2:5) = His words and actions
  • Continue to receive anything else that God brings to mind.
  1. Thanksgiving.  Thank Him for things He has done for you. (1 minute)
  1. Praise.  Praise God for who He is and what He is like.  A few of the hundreds of  Bible verses that can help you praise:  (Psalm 36:5-10; 66:1-8; 95:1-7; 96; 104; Revelation 4).  Let your mind focus on God in His majesty and glory.
  1. Intercession.  Pray for others.  Remember the members of your discipleship group, your church, your pastor, family, co-workers, and your community.
  1. Supplication.  Talk to God about yourself.  Ask Him to help you receive His love, and to know more of the depth and reality of His love for you. Ask Him to work in areas of weakness you have in loving others.
  1. Listen.  Let God speak to you. God gave you an imagination to use for His glory. Picture Him there with you. He is with you and you can often guide your mind to allow you to “see” Him.
  1. Take a walk with Him. If you still have time, take a walk and invite Him to come with you. Picture in your mind Jesus walking with you and enjoy this time with Him!
  Daily Prayer