Harvest Church

welcome to our website

We will soon be moving to a new church management system and a new church website!

During the transition, we are restricting access to those parts of our website that are available when someone logs in. You can access almost all of the information needed without logging in (see tips below). If you have an account and you need to log in for some reason, please email webmaster@harvestdothan.com and provide a short description of the information you would like to access.

Thank you!

need help finding something on our site?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Click the banner to quickly return to the Home page.
  2. Click on slides for more information on specific events.
  3. Click the buttons to the right of the slides for quick access to Online Giving and Upcoming Events.
  4. Scroll down to see the icons for quick access to frequently requested information: Calendar, newsletter, prayer, small groups, ministry teams, Facebook, Harvest Christian School.
  5. Below the icons are quick links for other resources, such as our Harvest church app, Spiritual Gifts Discovery and Right Now Media.
  6. Hover your mouse over menu items to see sub-menu items.
  7. Each ministry area has its own sub-menu and pages. Hover over the Home menu option for quick navigation between ministries or back to the home page of the ministry area you're viewing.