CR Purpose

Celebrate Recovery is a Biblically-based, Christ-centered 12-Step Recovery Program that meets at over 5,000 churches worldwide.

CR is a fellowship celebrating God's healing power in peoples' lives.

It teaches principles from the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) and the traditional 12 steps of recovery along with scriptures that point us to where these steps are found in the Bible.

Celebrate Recovery is committed to being a safe place where everyone can be honest about real life problems - real hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

Together, we are experiencing freedom and new life through the power of Jesus Christ.

Life is difficult. None of us makes it through this world without getting hurt or hurting others or ourselves. We are all weak in different areas, and we need each other.

Celebrate Recovery is a growing family of fellow strugglers who accept each other. We believe that Jesus Christ can and will help us change and grow as we join with Him on this Road to Recovery. Since we are all recovering from sin, we are all in need of recovery.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this ministry, please join us in the Youth Room on Friday Nights at 7pm.

A typical Friday night includes Large Group meeting with live authentic worship and personal teachings at 7pm. We break out for open share groups from 8pm to 9pm, and then continue to celebrate at Solid Rock Cafe at 9pm.

For more information, please click the links to the left or contact us.

We look forward to walking this Amazing Spiritual Journey with you as we celebrate our recovery together at Harvest Church!

Contact Us:

(334) 200-6288 or (334) 702-6555