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About Us Harvest Church Dothan ALAbout Us

When you come to Harvest for your first visit, there are friendly people to help you get to the right place. You will find a Welcome Center in the front lobby where you can pick up a Welcome Packet to find out what's happening at Harvest for every member of your family. Please fill out a name tag while you're there so we can get to know you.

There's a Harvest Cafe area to your right as you enter the front lobby. Enjoy a cup of our famous Harvest blend until time for the service to begin.
Harvest Church Dothan AL

The People Harvest Church Dothan ALThe People

God has brought together an extremely varied group of people - all ages, all economic levels, all types of vocational and educational experiences, and life circumstances. Approximately 1/3 of the members were not attending church before coming to Harvest. The other 2/3's come from every possible church background.
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The Setting Harvest Church Dothan ALThe Setting

To remove the obstacles that often keep people from going to church, Harvest emphasizes casual dress, contemporary worship music, relevant messages, small groups, and friendliness.

Enjoy the casual setting where you can be yourself. You can easily fit in because we are excited to have new people join us.

Harvest Service

The Service Harvest Church Dothan ALThe Service

Enjoy good, lively music led by our worship band.

The sermons relate to everyday life and are easy to understand.

Most importantly, you can experience the presence of God in our services.

Harvest Church

The People Harvest Church Dothan ALThe Difference

At Harvest we are trying to remove the pretense of religion. We want to be real and honest in seeking God and in our relationship with each other. We're not looking for perfect people or religious people . . . just for people who honestly want more of God in their lives.

You'll be attending a church with a great future.